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Research on the Mechanisms and Treatment of Neurotrauma (Option A) Grantees
RFP #22-009 GRANT AWARD PERIOD: November 18, 2021 – November 17, 2025
PI=Principal Investigator

Virginia Commonwealth University, PI: Carrie Peterson, PhD / Co PI: Zina Trost, PhD

“Immersive Virtual Reality and Noninvasive Spinal Stimulation to Promote Arm Function in Individuals with Tetraplegia”

This project will develop a home-based rehabilitation program to improve upper limb function for individuals with cervical spinal cord injury (SCI). Will test the safety, feasibility and initial efficacy of the home-based rehabilitation, which consists of non-invasive spinal cord stimulation combined with upper limb exercises guided in a virtual reality environment.

Virginia Commonwealth University, PI: Andrew Ottens, PhD

“The Biofluid Peptidome for Novel Diagnostic and Prognostic Facilitation of TBI Care”

This project will test the overall hypothesis that traumatic brain injury (TBI)-generated waste peptides (the TBI peptidome) released into the circulation will provide a multivariate quantitive assessment of ongoing pathological processes that will acutely correlate with injury severity and inform on secondary insults that worsen injury intheacute-caresetting.

Virginia Commonwealth University, PI: Amol Karmarkar, PhD

“Transitions and Disparities in Care and Outcomes (TDCO) for Neurotrauma”

This project will learn and translate the findings about (1) when and how transitions of care occur for persons after TBI and SCI; (2) which groups of persons served are at greater risk to experience negative health outcomes; and (3) how COVID-19 global pandemic impacted these transitions of care and the outcomes.

Sportable, PI: Shelley Sowers, Sportable Athletic Director

“Developing and Testing the Efficacy of Targeted Wellness Training in Children and Adults with SCI, TBI and other Trauma-related Disability Participating in a Recreational Sports Program”

This project will be a collaborative and two-part investigation to develop and feasibility test (ease of delivery, preferred materials, acceptance by participants) a disability-specific wellness program and then investigate the actual added value and effectiveness of this directed and individualized wellness training on individuals with physical disabilities who are participating in structured, recreational sports programs.

Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs and Services (Option B) Grantees
RFA 262-23-077 GRANT AWARD PERIOD: January 12, 2023 – December 31, 2025
PI=Principal Investigator

Anderson Music Therapy Services, PI: Noel Anderson

“Music Therapy for TBI & SCI Survivors”

Utilize outpatient individual and group music therapy services to address the sensori-motor, communication, cognitive, and social-emotional aspects of TBI and SCI. Along with online an in-person music therapy support groups for family members to support caregivers psychological wellness, as this has an significant impact on the survivor.

Sportable, PI: Caitlyn Berry, Health & Wellness Outcomes Manager

“Reducing Barriers to Participation in Adaptive Sports & Wellness Programs for Underserved Individuals with SCI and/or TBI to Enhance Health and Wellness.”

Implement a barrier-reduction program to grow participation of athletes with SCI and/or TBI within Sportable programs by 25 participants from underserved populations within 36 months.

Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs and Services (Option B)
PI=Principal Investigator

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